Friday, December 23, 2011

Top 10 Search Keywords that Bring You to Me

If you're reading this chances are you clicked on a link buried in a Toronto Blue Jays related article somewhere. Or perhaps you were intrigued by a craftily-written comment about some Canadian politics-related article and stumbled over here to see what witty bon-vivant was responsible.

The reason you decided to click on that link is something that really makes me think. Right now a couple of subjects fascinate the hell out of me. They are (in order of least to most fascinating):

  1. How the hell the Blue Jays name is attached to every baseball trade rumour out there. Seriously, they're the baseball equivalent of a internet troll, pissing all over message boards everywhere.
  2. How people find shit online.
Seriously.... Google something like "how to get people to my website" or "how to drive web traffic" and you'll find billions of results for either topic. 90% of these results tend to point to some self-annointed "expert" who for $19.95 will sell you a digital copy of his groundbreaking method to make money off of blogging. 9% will lead you to various SEO companies, promising to increase your Google ranking. 1% will lead you here

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So What Comes Next (or is Man Ram or Ram Man the Next Logical Move for the Jays)?

Ram Man's real name is Rammy Manirez. Seriously. I'm not making this shit up. Topps don't lie.
If you're like me, you woke up on Tuesday December 20th with a raging hangover. One of those "leave work early and tell everyone it's because you think you're getting bronchitis" type hangovers.

Why was I were you hungover, you ask?

Simple. You stayed up 'til midnight boozing, only to hear your 2012 Toronto Blue Jays failed to win the Yu Darvish sweepstakes, and are now down one marquee player.
Ok, they're not DOWN per se (they didn't lose Bautista) but thanks to our reliable traditional media friends (found here, here and here) we all expected the Jays to land the best pitcher the world has ever seen, so it kinda feels like we're down.

So who/what do the Jays do now? Well a lot of people are talking a lot of Manny Ramirez. And maybe that's the logical next step. His performance enhancing drug suspension has come to an end, and he has stated his intention to return to the game. The very same game that helped pay for his legal fees after this incident.

Wait... I apologize, that was in bad form.

But come on, who am I kidding, Toronto loves their athletes most when they have a history of domestic violence.

So the big question now: "Should the Jays sign Man Ram?"

And the logical extension to this question: "Should the Jays sign Masters of the Universe character Ram Man instead?"

Well, read on to see a few thoughts on who can offer more to Anthopoulos and his mighty Jays.

How and Why the Jays Lost the Yu Darvish Bid

As Blue Jays fans deal with the disappointment of losing the Yu Darvish sweepstakes, eyes now turn to GM Alex Anthopoulos in anticipation of his next move.

Anthopoulos has always been upfront regarding his team's willingness (or lack thereof) to spend money. As he explained at the winter meetings, the Jays are sitting on their wallets until attendance justifies a big spend. Apparantley at that point the floodgates will open, and the Darvishes, Fielders, and Pujolses of the world will come spilling onto the Jays 25 man roster.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Top 4 Reasons the Yu Darvish Posting Pocess is like an Episode of Storage Wars

As an avid Blue Jays fan, I’ve been following the recent Yu Darvish posting circus with bated breath – waiting to see who comes away with the coveted Japanese hurler. And while it still isn’t known which team presented the highest bid, one thing has become apparent: this entire posting process is like an episode of A&E’s Storage Wars (I’m still not sure whether it’s a Season 1 or Season 2 episode).
Don't believe me? Well here are the top four similarities that prove my point: